Posted: Sep 24 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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Do You Actually Plan To Take Action or Just Complain About It?

So how often do you find yourself sighing and thinking – it’s all too much, why is my life so difficult or

perhaps, why me! I think we all do this at least once in a while. I guarantee I do this myself – at least

once a week! But sometimes what makes it harder is when we have someone in our family, sit next to

someone at work or even just have a friend that seems to moan and complain all the time. You probably

notice the negative impact that that negative person has on you much more than you notice the

negative impact your own attitude has on yourself. But it is certainly your own moaning that affects you

more – and luckily that’s the moaning that you can really do something about.

Do Something!

What was the last thing you complained about? Did it actually help to have a moan? Or did you find

yourself getting bogged down in the details of your problem. When we just voice our displeasure on

what we don’t have, problems that we do have, things that have or haven’t happened all we are doing is

putting negative energy out into the universe – how is this supposed to change anything? You probably

find yourself thinking about the same things over and over because you never actually do anything to

change the situation you are moaning about. It is much easier by the way to sit and moan than actually

do anything constructive. But addressing the problem at hand is the only way to change things- sounds

obvious but how many people take action rather than moaning?! By merely complaining you only make

sure you draw your attention to all the negative things in your life without any motivation to do

anything. This negativity is sure to leave you feeling down and lethargic. Doing something and making a

commitment to your happiness takes precious energy which complaining and moaning just deplete! So

if you really want something to change you have to do something!

Do you Really Want Change?

So if you find yourself complaining, try and identify what the problem is. Perhaps you want more

money, better behaved children, a kinder mother or more things to do at the weekend or a cleaner

house. The first thing I do when I catch myself complaining is to acknowledge how lucky I am to have

these problems – not enough money yes but at least I have some, naughty children – sometimes but I

have two healthy kids! A mother who I don’t get on with – well at least I have a mother. An empty

weekend – well I have time to enjoy myself. A messy house – yes – but I have a roof over my head!

Sometimes just reframing is all it takes to put things a little into perspective.

Complaining can also be the seductive in terms of dreaming – imagine if all those things you complained

about got put right! If you had never voiced the problem you would never have “wanted” change. But

what would happen if you really did have all these things happen…. I bet we would find something else

to moan about! So perhaps after all we don’t really want a massive change in our lives – we are happy to

tick along – some things make us happy and some things make us complain. Just remember that if you

really do want something to change you do actually need to do something!


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