Posted: Sep 17 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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Restore Morning Sanity in 10 Minutes

If you are anything like me you have such good intentions for every morning – be prepared, be calm,

get out of the house on time. And if you are anything like me your mornings are a stressful rush of

frayed nerves, spilt cereal and lateness! If I have learnt anything about being a busy working mother

it’s that you have to make the most of the time you have when the children are asleep. Both for

relaxing and getting back some level of sanity but also for preparing for the next episode of


So the preparation for restoring – and retaining – your morning sanity starts the day before. What

does morning sanity mean to you and what do you need to achieve to get out of the house – and

what time do you expect to leave the house at? For me it’s important that when I leave the house it

is in a reasonable state. Worse than morning insanity is arriving home in the evening to evening

insanity! Evening insanity starts because you come home to a crazy mess (left from the morning

craziness) – morning insanity starts when you wake up to a mess; which follows that at some point

you need to say enough is enough and prepare for the morning that’s coming.

Make your list of what needs to be achieved – everyone washed, dressed and fed; lunch boxes

prepared, calendars checked etc. – you know what needs doing. Start work on the list the night

before – keep the house reasonably tidy so you are not tripping over things all morning – stamping

on toys is enough to put you in a bad mood all day! Wipe down surfaces and at least put things back

in the rooms they belong in- a clear path from bed to car is essential to keep you focussed. Get

yours and the kids clothes out the night before, make any lunches in advance as well. Sort out yours

and the kid’s calendars – i.e. be ready for your first meeting or appointment mentally because you

already know what’s coming; get out PE kits or sign letters the night before so in the morning you

can just grab and run. The more of a routine you get into with this the easier it will be – try writing it

all down at first and timing yourself – aim to get it all done within 10 minutes.

Hopefully you will find that when you prepare, both mentally and physically, the night before for the

day ahead you will sleep better knowing that everything is in its place for tomorrow. Mentally your

outlook when you wake up will be better as you know it will be a smooth running morning as

everything is ready for you and there should be no arguments in terms of who needs what, who is

wearing what etc.

Although light-hearted you will see that this actually has a great impact on your mental health.

Feeling prepared and ready to face the day is important in all aspects of your life – getting yourself

and your family out of the door in the morning in a calm and graceful way seems a small thing but it

is vitally important. The first few hours when you wake up sets you up for the day and if things can

go smoothly and to your plan it will not only lift your mood but increase your self-esteem, better

your relationships with your family, enable everyone in your family to start the day in the best way

possible. Not only that but you will start to eliminate the evening insanity… but that’s another story!


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