Posted: Sep 03 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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How To Do It All

Ok. Almost everything.


// List It. //

Stop making an energy-draining to-do list that is a mile long. You cannot possibly accomplish everything on your list today if it is unreasonable. Start with the top three tasks that you can accomplish today. Keep your someday list in another section in your planner. You do not need to see it everyday.


// Prioritize It. //

You do, however, need to see your goals everyday. What are your goals? Do you even know? Have you taken the time to write them down? If you haven’t taken that step, how do you know what items should be in your top 3 for the day? Seriously. This is important. Take the time today to get them on paper. (hyperlink to my goals course.)


// Delete it. //

You heard me. Look at that big long someday list. Are there things on that list that you can delete? Have you had something on your list for years? If it has not been important enough to you to cross it off, is it something you really want? If not, delete it. If it is, develop an action plan. (hyperlink to tiny task post)


//Automate it.//

Remember watching the Jetsons? How nice it would be to have Rosie around! And, the invention I have been waiting for for years..the conveyor belt /shower/ hair stylist contraption that springs you out of bed! Why has no one invented that yet? Meanwhile, we have plenty of technology at our fingertips to take care of details. Crockpot for “fix it and forget it” meals, voicemail translated into email, Instagram photos to albums then delivered to your door, email filters to help sort the influx, online bill pay so you never pay late fees again. Think of all the ways you can automate the mundane so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Now’s your chance. Download these printable to-do lists. If it your list won’t fit on this card, you probably won’t accomplish it all today. Take tiny steps. Let’s do this!


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