Posted: Aug 27 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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Do You Want More or Less?

These days there seems to be a more more more approach to everything. Sales – grab as many bargains

as you can; all you can eat buffet- speaks for itself! Facebook – how many “friends” do you have; the list

goes on. But how much of all this excess is actually good for us? How much actually provides us with a

good quality experience. Are our sales bargains actually worth it? IS that buffet food providing good fuel

for our bodies? How many of our so-called Facebook “friends” actually people you would choose to

spend time with? What if we were to choose quality over quantity?

Less is More

Well we hear this a lot but think about it. What if you had fewer possessions (for instance) but made

each one count. If it’s not beautiful or useful then get rid. Why would you keep something in your life

that is not fulfilling one of those criteria? We hear about companies streamlining, optimizing, creating

efficiencies etc – well do it for yourself. Pick a room and get rid of everything in there that is not serving

a purpose. Apply this to future purposes as well – you will save a lot of room in your house and money in

your pocket.


Do you try and do a hundred things and only achieve a mediocre quality? Do you try and rush through

the house tidying, cleaning, writing a million emails etc. and still not really get that sense of satisfaction

because you know you could have done better? Do you feel you waste a lot of energy not achieving very

much at all. It’s hard, when you have so much to do, but try taking a task one at a time and really giving

it everything. Invest quality in the things you do and you will feel more energized on completion. Your

energy is precious so don’t waste it trying to do too much – invest it in the important things and you will

reap the rewards.


What, in your life, are you known for? Where do you really add value? What do you want people to

admire you for? Really narrow your focus to the thing, or things, that you are good at and enjoy doing.

Then invest some time in become truly excellent. Become a subject matter expert if you like. Whether

it is throwing the best parties, writing the most beautiful notes, or something more personal like

motherhood or perhaps a career option. Whatever sings to you pick it and be it! Remember quality over

quantity and choose to be the best.

As a final note you can use these ideas through every aspect of your life. Downsize the quantity and up

the quality. It’s the best investment you will ever make. Why have 10 when you can have 1 that tops all

others. It’s far more efficient and economical and you’ll love to cherish those few pieces of quality. So

what will you pick today to begin the quality over quantity approach?


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