Posted: Aug 20 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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What's Your Free Square?

When you play a game of Bingo you start the game with a bonus – the free square. Every gets one so it

feels less of a bonus but it is just as valuable in winning the game as any other square. We forget the

value because everyone has one. In life we all have “free squares” of our own – just as we do in Bingo

we forget, or take for granted the benefits that we can reap because of theses life-given bonuses

because everyone seems to have one! But our talents and special skills are our trump cards. Our fallback

plans if you like.

Don’t be dismissive

So often when someone comments on a skill or talent that we have we tend to say, “Oh, it’s nothing”

and dismiss the compliment. Do you do this because you don’t like a compliment and it feels

embarrassing? Or perhaps sometimes we genuinely feel like we didn’t put in the effort to deserve the

comments. It’s those times that we need to take note! These are the times that you have been using

your “free square”. The talents that come easily to you but that are seen by others as something more

special. These effortless things that you do are your hidden and natural talents. These are the skills

which you can capitalize on. So don’t dismiss the compliments- ensure you consciously remember what

you did so you can exploit the skill. Although we do all have these natural talents we are all individuals

and so all have different “free squares”


We all lead busy lives and although most of us would always want to put in 100% of efforts into things

there are plenty of times that we are tired, not so motivated etc. that we need an easier or quicker

solution. There may also be times when we need a favour from a friend or perhaps we want to do

something to say thank you to someone. Another reason to exploit your “free square” could be to

maximize your earning potential by setting up a sideline or by making great strides at work through

exploiting your natural talents. Whatever your reason for it make sure you get the best out of yourself

by playing your “free square” at every opportunity.

Get in the Game

So the next step for you is to identify your “free squares”. Pay attention to those tasks and things that

you do that feel effortless. When do you notice the time flying by? When do people seem overly grateful

for something that seemed so easy for you? Start making notes and experiment with exploiting these



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