Posted: Aug 13 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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How To Add Time Back To Your Schedule Today

Do you ever feel like you are part of a production line? Perhaps like a machine where you needn’t

think about what YOU want to do you are just on a merry go round of work, kids, housework, admin

tasks, buying presents, making appointments, running errands, blah blah! Perhaps you use a

calendar, a diary or some other way to manage your time? Well here’s a thought – consider that you

are actually a robot or a machine or something mechanical. Consider that someone needs to write a

manual on how to best operate you and get the most jobs done in the most efficient way. This idea

will help take the guesswork out of things, will enable you to only have to learn once the quickest

way to get things done and will give you a lot more “head space” back. Imagine the freedom of not

having to keep remembering things every day for instance.

The first step is to re-run the day in your mind. Record all the tasks that you did – you may recall

tasks that you perform repeatedly. Keep this up for a few days whilst you gather the information

that you need. As you go about this write in details that you need to know to get the job done.

A simple example is the many small tasks that make up your morning routine. As you move through

writing it all done you will notice improvements and ways you can make yourself more efficient and

perhaps even delegate jobs to others. Confession: Our children sleep in our bedroom. I know. I know. So, we were running to one side of the house every morning to get ready for school, cleaning up the sink after they brush teeth, replacing hand towels, etc. Decided to all live on one side of house...we're there anyway. Other side stays clean. I tidy in half the time each morning before work.


For instance I live in a 3 storey town house and every morning

after breakfast I was sending the children back all the way back upstairs in order to brush their teeth.

Hugely inefficient! So I bought a couple of new toothbrushes for our downstairs bathroom and we

have shaved a minute or two off the morning routine. Not to mention the time saved because they

do not get distracted on the way up and down from the bathroom!

As you work through writing your processes you may notice other ways to improve – such as do you

visit the shops several times a week “just picking something up” group these together by keeping a

running shopping list, planning meals etc. Do you always have to do a wash on a Saturday after the

kids swimming lessons? Well plan the washing properly and you will have a full wash ready to do on

the right day.

It’s the kind of planning that you may apply to a big task or project but it works really well on day to

day routines as well. Just don’t become too inflexible because life is sure to throw you a curve ball

once in a while!


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