Posted: Jul 16 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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Do You Decide?

Do you sometimes refrain from making a decision and let life pass you by a little? Do you find it

easier to let others decide or perhaps just not get involved and wait and see what happens? Well

even though you are not actively making a decision you are still making a stand, making a decision in

fact, by not actually making the decision in front of you. Sometimes we wait because we are unsure

what to do. However by choosing indifference you are opting out of participating in the game of life.

By letting others take control you are missing out on what is actually your life. Yes there are

compromises to be made and yes sometimes it is someone else who needs to make the decision but

most decisions that affect you and your life should have some input from you!

By choosing to actively participate in life and make those decisions can be scary – you are likely to

make mistakes and of course some of your decisions will not be the best but you can only make the

best decision that you can at the time and with the knowledge that you have available. Be prepared

for noble failure – when you make a mistake or could have done better but the decision you made

was an honest noble decision with the best at heart.

Don’t you feel that it is much more important to engage with your life, have skin in the game, fully

participate in your life rather than just watch from the side lines? When you become an active

member in your life you will find yourself starting to have your own ideas, ambitions and opinions.

Where you have perhaps hid behind others, scared to voice an opinion or worried you will make

mistake you will find yourself empowered. You may be anxious about your judgement or the quality

of your decisions. This is totally natural if you are not used to being decisive. Ironically the more

decisions you take part in and the more you practise the better your judgement will become. Yes

the first few bigger decision you may feel on shaky ground – in this case start small.

Pick some things to start with that do not have such a great impact. Even something small like

where you and your friends will go for your next meal out. Or what your family will get up to at the

weekend. If you are concerned present a few options as ideas as a start. Just by taking the reins and

being ready to make a decision will be good practice. You will find the more you do this the more

you start to enjoy things and the more of yourself you will have invested in the things you do. By

this I mean that you will have a stake in those activities that you have been involved with- you will

“feel” more about the outcome and the success of the activity. This becomes more and more

empowering as you take on more and more. Your judgement will improve and so will your



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