Posted: May 21 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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How To Get What You Want

Well that’s a statement. The elusive word – happiness. Means so many things and at the same time not

a lot. How many times do you find yourself saying “I’ll be happy when…” or “how can I find someone

who makes me happy..” Well what if I told you there were two sure fire ways to find happiness? Would

you believe me? Perhaps not – it seems too simple. Well I can tell you one thing – placing all your hopes

of happiness on one thing – winning the lottery, getting thin, landing that dream job is much more

simplistic and much less realistic but you say it all the time! So the two ways – getting what you want or

wanting what you’ve got.

Getting what you want

So how easy is this then? I guess it depends on what you want? If it’s the simple things in life – health, a

job, family etc you may be well on your way to happiness. As soon as you start to throw things in there

that are outside of your control (health?!, a job?!) then it becomes trickier. What happens if your health

begins to fail, or you lose your job? Do you suddenly have no chance of happiness? When you place your

happiness on definite things what happens when they change or disappear? Of course its normal to do

this – I do it – you feel a burst of happiness when you get something that you have wanted for a long

time – a family, a new pair of shoes or a promotion. But for long term happiness you see there is that

flaw of placing control with someone or something else. How do you make your own happiness within

this category? How do you take the control that you need in order to preserve that fragile state of


Wanting what you’ve got

So how about this one then? This is based on your state right now – not in the future or the past. This is

about being mindful of the good things you’ve got going on right this minute. Look around you. Are you

well? Are you employed? Do you have a roof over your head? Perhaps yes… Be grateful for all you have

in this moment. Tomorrow may be different. Tomorrow you may get sick but still you will have your job

and your home. See how this one is easier to validate? When you are grateful for WHAT YOU HAVE – not

what you might get or what you may hold for a short while – but what you actually have right now – it’s

easier to place your happiness in that basket.

However your monitor or measure your happiness, try and base it on things that you hold dear to you.

Question your values – what is core to your wellbeing? A new pair of shoes may give you a buzz but are

they central to you happiness? Perception is good to practice here- always count your blessings. So how

will you find happiness today?


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