Posted: May 14 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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How To Travel in Style Without Breaking the Bank

So you have a presentation at work planned, or perhaps a big night out… but nothing to wear! Even

though your wardrobe is bursting at the seams with unworn, still tagged garments, there is nothing

that you could put together quickly as an outfit that you would want to wear. When you lack focus

or a particular direction with your wardrobe it’s easy to buy spontaneously without a lot of thought

about what you might actually wear and what you might wear together.

Some tips include finding yourself a stylist who can advise you on your body shape, colouring etc. to

be able to recommend certain styles, fabrics, prints and colours would be an obvious option. This

will not come cheap and you may find your wardrobe ripped to pieces and a great long shopping list

thrust in your direction. There is also the possibility that you will not agree with someone else’s

opinions and perhaps there is something in your wardrobe that you are attached to and would never

consider binning it regardless of whether it actually suits you!

A cheaper and less traumatic way to get inspiration is to find yourself a style guide – someone whose

style you admire. Maybe it’s a friend, a celebrity or someone in your family. Whoever it is start to

curate their looks. Follow their style; collect pictures etc of things that you would see them wearing.

Use a scrapbook or Pinterest and keep cooking your inspiration. Buy pieces that you would imagine

your style guide wearing, consider what they would think of it and what they might wear it with.

Don’t waste the clothes that you do have and pull them out to try and put outfits together. Do this

when you have time to think, take some photos and try things on. Don’t do it when you are in a rush

trying to get ready! If something doesn’t fit or look nice then get rid of it! Chances are you will never

slim into it, grow into it or ever like it if you don’t now! Make space in your wardrobe for some new

items inspired by your style guide. If you know this person, or if there is someone that you trust

invite them over to help you. Sometimes it takes someone else to reaffirm what you are doing and

the choices you are making.

Once you have photos of your existing items and outfits and have gathered a few for inspiration its

time to turn your attention to accessories. Accessories can make an outfit and even a simple little

black dress that you have had for years can be reignited by some up to date clever accessorising. So

if something suits you well and you like it try updating the look through accessories – new jewellery,

a new belt, new shoes or a new bag.

Most of all try and enjoy the experience – use it as a boost to your self-esteem and your time

management. Don’t start to compare yourself negatively or try and fit into clothes which are just

not right for your shape. Get to know your figure and what works for you and start dressing to show

off your best bits.


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