Posted: May 07 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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You Really Should Pay More

You should. Are you surprised by that statement? We all should. Because the things we focus on tend to expand in our lives.

Have you ever noticed that? When I take the time to notice the streaks of pink and gold in the sky during a particularly gorgeous sunrise, I immediately feel appreciative. My thoughts shift to all the things that are good about today. The reverse is also true for me. Once I begin obsessing over all the things on my plate, then I shift my worries to factors I cannot control. I am not suggesting we ignore reality. Whether you acknowledge the rest of the world or not, it’s still there!

I am advocating we focus on the positive. In all situations.’s not easy for some of us to do! Baby steps are the way to go. I have learned my boundaries. I cannot watch movies with sad endings. I internalize the narrative and feel as though I have leaden shoes for weeks afterward. I cannot watch the morning news programs with two hours of doom and gloom. I need to find the things in this world that are worth celebrating. And there are so many. Even in my small little corner of the earth. It doesn’t take long to realize how very fortunate I am.

Lee L. Jampolsky says it better than I could:

Do less thinking, and pay more attention to your heart.

Do less acquiring, and pay more attention to what you already have.

Do less complaining, and pay more attention to giving.

Do less controlling, and pay more attention to letting go.

Do less criticizing, and pay more attention to complimenting.

Do less arguing, and pay more attention to forgiveness.

Do less running around, and pay more attention to stillness.

Do less talking, and pay more attention to silence.

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