Posted: Apr 23 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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Practice That Vacation State of Mind...This Weekend!

How do you feel when you are a few weeks away from a vacation? Excited? Happy? Does it makes you

focus on the goal and make preparations? It is known that when we have a vacation or holiday booked

our potential for happiness is greater than someone without a one booked but afterwards we are all

back to the same. There’s something about the thinking about it, the planning for it, the being on

vacation that helps us maintain a higher level of awareness and happiness. There are many aspects of a

vacation that do this to us but a lot of the reason for me is that a vacation puts us into a little bubble

that feels removed from “real life”. Its time out from the stresses and strains of normal life. I make my

vacation/holiday preparations – go on a diet, get my nails ready, get a tan, buy new clothes etc. It all

adds to the anticipation, the feeling of making the most of the time and savoring every moment.

Every Moment

So once you are on vacation/holiday you make the most of your time there – its limited, you have paid

good money to be there, you might not get to go back there – to this amazing place you have chosen to

visit. But how about this…every moment in your life is actually like this! You will never be the same

person in the same moment at the same time ever again! Wherever you are in your life – on holiday or

not – you are in a unique moment in a place you have worked hard to get to. Whether you are at work

(you bagged yourself a job?!) at home (you have a roof over your head) or somewhere else on the

journey of life you have overcome challenges and made choices to be right where you are.

A Tourist

Consider yourself a tourist of life. There is no guidebook for this so you will have to make up your own

directions, sights to explore and activities to take part in. Try out this mindset in your normal life –

heighten your awareness and try and look at the details with all your senses. Really try and be mindful

in all situations. Be aware of your feelings, what you can see, hear etc. As a tourist you may keep a

scrapbook or take some photos. Do this today as well – at least a journal or a reflection at the end of

the day. You make memories everyday so make them more real with words or pictures.

Take Action

On holiday you wouldn’t dream of wasting time – yes of course you may be on a beach holiday or want

to spend time relaxing at the pool – but you certainly wouldn’t waste your time moping around feeling

sorry for yourself, tapping away at your phone every 5 minutes or wasting away in front of the television

so don’t waste your life in this way either! Get out there! Take a walk in the park, find a new hobby, chat

to people you don’t know – take everything you can from the experience of life – it’s there waiting for

you every day to explore. Ask yourself the question – if you were on holiday what would you do next?


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