Posted: Mar 26 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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Are You Missing Your Next Big Opportunity?

Do you feel you have missed out on something in life? Did a fabulous opportunity pass you by? Probably

yes because the chances are high that someone or something has passed through your life with an

opportunity it idea that you were too busy or too preoccupied to notice. However there are many boats

in life and the question now should be will you miss the next boat? Too many people spend too much

time looking down that they fail to see the people and opportunities right in front of them. Even when

there they are looking for something in particular they are too busy with rushing through their lives that

they miss these vital signs right in front of their eyes. Do you know what it is you are looking for? Are

you clear on the goal and what you need? It is so easy to miss opportunities and “big breaks” if you are

not certain what it is that you need.

What are you Looking For?

To avoid “missing the boat” or more specifically to be able to make the most of every opportunity that

life throws your way you need to have it clear in your mind what your end goal is and what it is you are

looking for. If you don’t have this clear then you cannot hope to be able to maximize the chances that

life throws your way.

Work out what you need – is it a work goal, a family goal, perhaps you are just looking for inspiration for

an important present for someone or maybe it’s an investment opportunity. Work this out first and

then sort out the details. Do you have a time frame or a price limit for example? Are you looking for a

particular type of person or product? Get it crystal clear in your head what you want and then assume

that the answer will be found and could be found anywhere you go. You might find the solution in the

most unexpected place.

How to buy your ticket

There are ways to make opportunities more likely to happen and to raise your awareness of how to spot

them. A great idea is to get yourself a mentor. Someone who has already done, or is already doing

what it is you want to do. Perhaps they are already in business, perhaps they are a keen investor, a

personal shopper or even some who raises their kids in a way you admire. Your mentor doesn’t even

need to know that they are your mentor. Just make sure you spend time with them, try to talk to them

about how and why they do things. You will find yourself starting to think like them and even make

choices based on “what would X do.” You will start to pick up tips and learn ideas and also broaden your

network – all important things when you have a goal to reach.

Be Ready

The last, and most important part of “catching the boat”, is to be physically ready. When you get up in

the morning and leave the house make sure you leave with the right attitude. Dress ready for where

you want to be, have in your mind that you will achieve your goals today and go out there to catch every

opportunity you can. Try this now – pick one goal, detail it out and get ready to achieve it!


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