Posted: Mar 19 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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How To Conserve Energy AND Live Out Your Dreams


So, how many times do you get to the end of the day and feel like you have taken part in a triathlon or

something! You know that feeling when you literally cannot think or do anything else and you know its

time to just take yourself off to bed? How many times do people ask you how you are only for you to

answer with busy or tired? Well, I know that feeling too and there’s a few things I would like to share

with you – just things I have started to do which actually seem to conserve a little of my precious energy

throughout the day.

Stop Talking!

Do you know women speak around 20,000 words per day compared to a man’s meagre 7000. That’s

actually nearly 3 times as many! Doesn’t that just make you feel EXHAUSTED already! And I bet you that

perhaps half (maybe more!) are totally unnecessary. So if its energy that you are trying to conserve,

limiting what you say could really make a difference. Ask yourself 3 questions before you speak – is it 1-

true, 2- necessary, 3-kind. If the answer to any of those is no then don’t waste your energy!

Change your Expectations

Remember that to-do list you have somewhere – written down, on your phone, where it is? Well

carrying around a list of 25 things that you never get done is draining your energy. Not only is it

unrealistic, it’s tiring! Ditch the long list and keep that somewhere else. Pick three items for the day in

the morning and use your energy to get something done about those 3 tasks rather than getting nothing

done about 25!

Stop pretending to be something you are not

Are you wasting your energy putting on a show every day? Trying to be the person you think everybody

wants you to be is a total waste of energy. If they don’t love you for who you are then they are totally

not worth it. Yes it may be scary and you will feel vulnerable but you will get a lot more out of living an

authentic life. You will also have more energy to enjoy yourself!

Stop telling others how they should do things

You know that phrase no one does a job as well as you? Well its true but sometimes, for your own sake,

you need to LET IT GO! Don’t spend your time worrying about your brother and how he does a BBQ- just

perfect your own! Don’t fret that your son puts his trousers on before his socks! Who cares! Do things

your own way and let others do things their way. If it’s not having an impact on you (or anyone’s safety)

then don’t waste your energy.

So what are you going to put into place first? Go on get that list out, sit down with a pen and pick the

three things you will do today. And then ssshhhh…


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