Posted: Feb 19 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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How To Turn a Setback into a Comeback

// Bounce Back //

Do you sometimes feel envious of those who get everything handed to them on a plate? Do you feel

that some things in life are a struggle for you whereas for others they seem to come easy? Well this is

the story of my life. For some reason my sister and I have always been treated totally differently by our

parents. Yes we have very different personalities but we are still siblings, raised in the same house with

the same parents and less than two years between our ages. It’s a strange one but I had to work for

everything and she had everything handed to her. I had to pay my way and work things out myself

where she had things explained to her and paid for. I ventured into the world of work young and alone

yet she was pampered and didn’t work for years. I got knocked down and had to dust myself off and

find inner strength where she was protected and supported. These days we live separate lives and in a

funny way, despite the pain and heartache, I am truly grateful for being given the opportunity to learn

on my own. I was given many opportunities to learn how to “bounce back” and I feel those early

experiences have given me a lot of personal power.

// Staging a Comeback //

When something knocks you off kilter it’s easy to feel despondent. A bill comes through the door that

you weren’t expecting; a leak in the kitchen; your car breaks down etc. When life throws you a curve ball

or things don’t go as planned pick yourself up quickly and stage your come back! Aim to get yourself

back on track as quickly as you can. These things do happen and as soon as you accept the

unpredictable and make a plan you can get yourself back to you. Ok, so you need to find $500 for the car

repairs – be creative! Don’t sit around moping that you are broke and can’t afford it. There are so many

exciting and creative ways to fix the problem. Sell some stuff, do some freelance writing(!), start doing

odd jobs for people. A curve ball does not need to be the end of the world. You never know you might

discover things about yourself you didn’t know.

// Support //

My perspective on this is different from most because in my life I have done pretty much everything on

my own, by myself and without close support but I have heard that support from others is a good thing.

The older I get the less skeptical I am of this by the way and I am starting to lean that talking is a good

thing! Whilst you are staging your comeback lean on others that you trust. And I don’t mean go ask for a

loan I mean talk to others about your plans. Get support from others while you are working on that

comeback plan. Ask people for ideas and inspiration. You never know you might find someone who

wants to buy those $300 shoes that you have never worn!

So next time you have a set back don’t lie down and feel sorry for yourself see if as an opportunity for

growth and development – and trust me you will learn more about yourself through the bad times than

the good!


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