Posted: Feb 05 2015
by: Sarah Bell

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Worrying is a Waste of Time

Held hostage by Goliath?

Are you being held hostage by Goliath? I think we all have that one big bad thing – a Goliath if you will – that nags at us. The one thing that eats away at us that will never let us be totally free. Perhaps it’s something in your past; something that you always worry about in the future; or perhaps it’s a phobia that just totally holds you back and prevents you from living the life that you would want. Well I bet you that we all have one. Yes even that perfect looking mom of 4 with a full time job and a great big smile! We all have histories, skeletons and quirks that make us unique for better or worse.

// Surrender //

And that’s not an excuse to go back to bed and give in. Just a call to you to stop feeling beaten and start

just living. Easier said than done these days when independence, empowerment and conquering is all

around you. But much kinder to yourself to stop cowering under the shadow of a giant and take a peep

out and just go about your business.

// Keep on Keeping On //

When you get up in the morning don’t let your mind zoom to how many things you have to do, how

little time you have, or the numerous items on your mind (including Goliath), just do the next thing you

need to do. Just keep moving and keep going with the day. Don’t allow yourself to focus on the struggle

or the worries in your life – it will just drain the life from you. Concentrate on the things that you need

to get done and focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

// Non-Negotiables //

You need to decide the things in life that you are not going to let slide. When you are just living day to

day getting the tasks done it’s easy to be lazy so decide right away what you are going to commit to and

include in your days – just as you would include feeding your self and keeping your house clean. Include

things like exercising daily, eat food as fuel. And finally a non-negotiable should be to make yourself

happy- maintain a quality of life while you are holding up your hands.

So a final request of you – stop spending your days worrying, fearing and ultimately wasting time on

Goliath. If its not adding value then just hold your hands up right now. Decide on those important

things, grit your teeth and trudge on. Don’t allow the negative thoughts in to your head. One foot in

front of the other… Go on- try it tomorrow!


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